Instrument maker and furniture restorer
Quality Restoration & Bespoke Handmade Furniture.
Based in the Cambridgeshire Fens, I design & make furniture to your specification and I am skilled in the restoration of antique furniture.

As well as all the traditional furniture making skills I can provide veneering, marquetry, woodturning and carving to a high standard. I am an experienced French Polisher and a maker and supplier of fitted furniture.

I also make Autoharps, Hammered Dulcimers and Banjos. Use the links below to view examples of my work.

Custom Banjo making

Built to very high exacting standards to achieve stunning quality of sound, volume & craftsmanship required by all discerning musicians etc.
As standard, all my custom built 5 string Banjo's are fitted with Snuffy Smith 5/8 ins no 2 style bridges. I advise for all custom work you strongly consider a visit to my workshop to discuss the finer points of your requirements, i.e. special design features, inlays, set ups, & selection of timbers etc.

Custom Made Resonator 5 String Banjo

Mahogany & Maple 3 piece neck with fiddle style peg-head, fitted with Gibson pre-war style truss rod. Truss-rod cover in solid Ebony. Ebony peg-head & heel veneer, Ebony fret-board bound with boxwood, inlaid with Mother of Pearl Hearts & Flowers design. M O P side position dots. Three piece Hard Rock Maple pot fitted with a flathead bell metal tone-ring. Resonator veneered in a 12 piece segmented Fiddle-back Mahogany design, with Ebony / Boxwood bandings & edges bound also with Boxwood. Neck, Pot & Resonator French polished entirely by hand to a high gloss natural finish. All quality hardware fittings acquired from the States, i e tone-ring, one piece flange, tension ring, tension brackets, shoes, coordinator rods & adjustable kershner tailpiece.

Custom Made Open-Back 5 String Banjo
Dark polished Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard inlaid with adapted Florentine pattern to Brazilian Rosewood peg-head. Pot made of a 7 ply construction, fitted with Whyte Laydie tone-ring & veneered in Santos Rosewood & decorative banding. The neck is fitted with adjustable coordinator rods & Kershner adjustable tailpiece. The instrument is set up to play in the Old Timey Style.

Custom Made Tenor Banjo

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