Instrument maker and furniture restorer
Quality Restoration & Bespoke Handmade Furniture.
Based in the Cambridgeshire Fens, I design & make furniture to your specification and I am skilled in the restoration of antique furniture.

As well as all the traditional furniture making skills I can provide veneering, marquetry, woodturning and carving to a high standard. I am an experienced French Polisher and a maker and supplier of fitted furniture.

I also make Autoharps, Hammered Dulcimers and Banjos. Use the links below to view examples of my work.

The Piano Autoharp

This is THE PIANO Autoharp.
This instrument is very different in operation to the normal autoharp as it has a single octave piano keyboard mounted on the bars. All of the strings are damped and a string only sounds when the key for that note is pressed. This makes possible the playing of any chord playable with 5 fingers and frees the instrument from the requirement for every chord to have a dedicated bar to silence all the notes that are NOT in the chord. With this design all of the strings are normally damped (silent) and only sound when the key for that note is pressed thus any chord however weird can be played
The Instrument shown here has a resonator back fitted and has lot in common with The Resonator Harp.

An upgraded version is available on request with a Black French Polished soundboard & sides, a Mahogany back, chordbars , chordbar covers and buttons.

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