Instrument maker and furniture restorer
Quality Restoration & Bespoke Handmade Furniture.
Based in the Cambridgeshire Fens, I design & make furniture to your specification and I am skilled in the restoration of antique furniture.

As well as all the traditional furniture making skills I can provide veneering, marquetry, woodturning and carving to a high standard. I am an experienced French Polisher and a maker and supplier of fitted furniture.

I also make Autoharps, Hammered Dulcimers and Banjos. Use the links below to view examples of my work.

High Quality English Handmade Hammered Dulcimers.

The Hammered Dulcimer has beguiled me since restoring an old instrument made in 1886 by a local player, I now offer my own range of models to suit all needs. My Handmade Hammered Dulcimers are only made from selected quarter sawn tonewoods.
All my dulcimers are jig built to form a very distinctive backward bend to compensate for string tension, this results in a very stable soundbox. This process does involve more time in construction but keeps the weight down of the instrument without the need for extra bracing. If the soundbox is built flat it will result in bending over time with string tension, ending up with an unstable instrument. A common fault even with new Dulcimers.
Soundboards are of selected quarter sawn Sitka Spruce or Mahogany to give superior tone & projection, while unwanted resonance is controlled by careful design of the internal strutting. Many of my instruments are made with very old period timbers, when available.
The bridges are made of a one piece construction in Maple or Beech for better sound transmission to the soundbox & capped with Nylon 66 to stop the strings sticking. End bridges are quarter sawn Maple or Beech with a polished brass rod capping.
The backs are polished to the same high standard as the sides & soundboard. To protect the instrument when laid down there are three turned boxwood feet ( not rubber) set into the back.

Please consider my dulcimers if you are thinking of owning a quality handmade instrument.

Standard Models
The Wren

This is a 24 course with a 12/12 bridge set up. The lowest bass string can be tuned to either D, E or F#, then G up to high D in the treble. Mahogany or Spruce soundboard with decorated bandings of your own choice. Polished natural.
£ Please ask.

The Blackbird
This is a 29 course with a 15/14 bridge set up. Low D-E-F# to D in the treble. Spec as above can also be made with American Walnut back and sides. Polished Black or natural £ Please ask.

The Linnet
This is a 32 course with 16/16 bridge set up. Low D-E-F# to high E in the treble. Polished natural.
£ Please ask.

All models can be made with Amercian Walnut back & sides if desired.

Concert Grand Model
This is a 32 course with a 20/20 bridge set up. Low G to high G in the treble. Spec as above
£ Please ask.

Spares, Customisation and extras
I am always looking for ways to improve the instruments and I have developed a number of improvements and add-ons to enhance the dulcimer
New Improved Damper Bar System - Not currently available.
There are examples here Dulcimer fitted with a damper system
Made of blued steel and brass, operated by a foot pedal to a brake cable. A very high quality addition to all models.
£ Please ask.

If you require a system custom fitted to your own Dulcimer there will be an additional making & fitting charge which I will not be able to quote until I know the size & make of your instrument. I will need the Dulcimer for approx a month to five weeks in order to custom make & fit the complete system. Damper bar systems available for all models.

Celtic Knot
The two sound holes have a lathe turned ring made from the same timber as the back & sides. I now offer a Celtic Knot designed soundhole cover
£ Please ask.
per pair. - Not currently available
Strings, Cases, Tuning levers, Hammers etc
I can provide a range of spares
My Bass strings are wound with P/ Bronze wire for a brighter sound, while the treble strings are all polished steel. Each string is eyed or looped not returned.
Hammers £ Please ask.
Tuning Levers £ Please ask.
Fully adjustable folding stands made from Mahogany or Beech.
£ Please ask.
Tuning pins can be supplied Blued or Nickel plated. If you have an instrument with loose tuning pins I can now replace these with a larger sized pin.
£ Please ask.
Flight Standard hard cases fully lined in crushed velvet for my own Dulcimers.
£ Please ask.
Custom made cases to fit any Dulcimer
£ Please ask.
I also custom build dulcimers as well as making & supplying flight cases, folding stands, hammers, tuning levers, strings. I also will undertake the restoration of old Hammered Dulcimers.

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